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Looking for Inspiring Running Books? Here's a Great Selection!

Updated: Jun 24

Running with books I rescue on my training runs.

Photo credit: Jon Gilbert

I enjoy reading books and reviewing them. They inspire me. Add these books and memoirs about endurance and running to your reading list.

These ordinary and elite endurance athletes and ultrarunners will inspire and motivate you to lace up your shoes, train well, race well, endure, overcome adversity, be resilient, and get to the finish!

I hope my memoir will inspire you too. Come What May, I Want to Run: A Memoir of the Saving Grace of Ultrarunning in Overwhelming Times is available from Wipf and Stock Publishers, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. You can order the book exclusively from the Wipf and Stock Publishers website, use code ultrarunning40, and receive a 40% discount. Offer expires 9/3/24. You can also order It on Amazon, Bookshop, or Barnes & Noble. It's available in hardcover, paperback, e-book, and Kindle.

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