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Bryce Canyon 2013

This year's trip to a national park had special significance for me. It was a great way to celebrate life, my surviving a medical nightmare, and running again. I went back and ran the Around the Lake 24 hour ultra. Then we flew to Utah, rented a car, and stayed at a bed and breakfast not too far from Bryce and Zion. Not a lot of wildlife in Bryce but amazing hoodos and lots of strenuous hiking in super hot sun.

Our home was Willow Cabin at Arrow Inn

Bed & Breakfast. Very cozy.

The hoodos are spectacular and


On the Queen's Garden Loop  trail in search of our Hoodo pin by hiking to 4 trail markers and 7.8 miles of the Hoodoo Trail.

At the last benchmark at the end of the PeekabooTrail

With evidence that we had hiked 4 trails: Navajo, Queens Garden, Wall of Windows, and Peekaboo loops, and my pin

The breathtaking views painted by

the hand of God.

During our hike we stopped to eat peanut butter on wheat calories and to rehydrate. It was scorching hot!

4 hrs, 29 mins, and some change later, our dusty hiking shoes and legs, and tired feet were happy with exhaustion. We had earned our Hoodoo pin!

With our Hoodoo pins!

I had to create a haiku and then recite to  ranger Ben Benson. "Beautiful hoodoos. They look like funny people. Where do they come from?" And then I got sworn in as a junior ranger and got my patch.

The next day we attended a great geology lecture, part of the junior ranger requirement in order to earn my patch. Ranger Dax signed and verified I attended.

Hope you've been inspired to visit and hike Bryce. Find out how to plan your trip at the Bryce Canyon website. Happy Trails!

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