Petrified Forest

After spending time in Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, and Guadalupe Mountains, and before heading to Across the Years 48 hour ultra in Glendale, we stopped for the day at our last national park visit in December 2019 - Petrified Forest in Arizona. On a beautiful cold sunny day, we walked and drove from one view and site to another. We enjoyed the petrified wood, the snow capped geological formations that make the Painted Desert, and the ancestral homes and petroglyphs. We visited the Painted Desert Inn, a historical landmark, and took a picture of an abandoned 1932 Studebaker on Rt. 66. If you don't enjoy hiking and climbing up boulders but love driving your car from site to site, Petrified Forest is for you. I also completed my junior ranger book and received my patch.

All photos ©Miriam Diaz-Gilbert