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Yellowstone 2011

This was our first RV trip! We flew into Salt Lake City and picked our Cruise America RV. We went to the supermarket in Salt Lake and stocked our small refrigerator and freezer. We hooked up  the RV at KOA Campground three nights and one night at a campground In Yellowstone. And we spent the beautiful days hiking on trails, and surrounded by elk, geysers, bears, and a bison that almost chased me, oh my!

Our awesome Cruise America RV

A view from our moving RV. A massively 

beautiful elk taking a dip in Yellowstone River

A bison shows up on Yellowstone Bridge while my husband is filming me.

I ran for the hills.

While hiking on Uncle Tom's Trail we came across the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and this beautiful geyser and rainbow.

So many beautiful geysers at Biscuit Basin. A feast for the eyes. Sapphire geyser is

one of my many favorites!

The hot springs in Manmouth Hot Spring and the surrounding landscape are beautiful.

Captured this awesome enormous beast of a bison while hiking on a trail

Hiking up Lower Falls trail after the bison "chase." We have it on video.

Old Faithful erupts and sprays the sky

for all to look up in amazement

There are so many awesome geysers. I love these colors, too

Our first habituated black bear!  It just posed for all surrounded by wildflowers! 

Hope you've been been inspired to visit and hike in Yellowstone. Find out how to plan

your trip on the Yellowstone National Park website. Happy Trails!

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