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Rocky Mountain 2012

On our way to my daughter's wedding in Silverthorne, CO, my husband Jon and son Sebastian stayed in a motel in Estes Park, home to Rocky Mountain National Park. The motel had the best homemade breakfast muffins. We spent two days enjoying Rocky Mountain. And I ran a little, including the last 3 miles on Old Fall River Rd to the to the Alpine Visitor Center. Jon and Sebastian stayed in the car and "paced" me. 

This motel in Estes Park serves the best fluffy muffins!

Stopped our car rental on the Old Falls Trail Road for the obligatory selfie with a magnificent backdrop

At mile 8, I got out of the car and took off running. Jon and Sebastian drove the car obeying the speed limit - 15 mph. First time I ran in the heart of snow-capped mountains in the summer.

Only 3 miles but felt accomplished. Besides, I was tapering for the Around the Lake 24 hour ultra in two weeks.

Crawled my way up to Rock Cut

The next day we headed to Bear Lake - an alpine lake that sits at

an elevation of 9,450.ft.

Beautiful wildlife to be appreciated

and admired from afar....

It's an 11 mile drive on Old Fall River Rd to the top. So enjoy the magnificent view!

Made it to the top and to the

Alpine Visitor Center

This creature was happy to see me.

Came right up to me and posed for the camera.

Enjoying the altitude and view before the

 the clouds sprinkle us

Bear Lake is surrounded by beautiful alpine trees and spectacular mountains.

and gentle and calming beauty right before you!

Hope you've been inspired to visit and hike Rocky Mountain. Find out how to plan your trip on the Rocky Mountain National Park website. Happy Trails! 

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