Run with endurance this life God has put before you - Hebrews 12:1

Come what may; I want to run - 2 Samuel 18:23

The latest in my ultrarunning life. I'm running virtual ultrarunning events to raise money for a GoFundMe campaign I established - Ultra Care for Cancer Caregivers. To learn more about the inspiration for this campaign and to donate, visit GoFundMe - Ultra Care for Cancer Caregivers 

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I am an ordinary ultrarunner. I have finished eight 50 mile ultras, three 100 mile ultras, six 24-hour, 1 48 hour ultra, and one 60 hour ultra.  


I began running ultras after watching Leslie Stahl interview elite world-class ultarunners Dean Karnazes and Pam Reed on 60 Minutes in 2004. I have been running ultras since 2005. Prior to running ultras, I completed nine marathons, eight half-marathons, one 10 miler, and five 5Ks. I have been running competitively since 1989.

My article,  The Asectic Life of the Ultrarunner , is published in the fall 2018 issue of Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality. 






I am a featured speaker in The Ultra Running Summit SeriesIn this online interview series hosted by Erik Bromell, I, along with other endurance athletes, including elite ultrarunners such as Ann Trason, share how we train our mind, body, and soul for endurance events, and much more. To listen to these interviews, click on the link. 

I am featured in the Feb 2018 issue of Endurance Sports & Fitness magazine.

In 2017 Ron Meyer, host of Blessed2Play, interviewed me about my ultrarunning, faith, and overcoming adversity.

Click here to listen to the interview.

I have been an academic over 30 years. I have a M.Ed. in Second Language Education, a M.A. in Theology/Ministry and I ABD Th.D. in Christian Spirituality. I have taught college academic ESL, first year writing, theology, and religious studies. I am a writer and the author of English for Pharmacy Writing and Oral Communication. 


I love books! I rescue books from people's trash, lawns, and curbs. I love book festivals. I enjoy writing book reviews. I have over 1,000 books, including my own, in my humble abode. Today I am a freelance writer. I have been published in Women's Running Magazine, Running Competitor, and Ultrarunning Magazine.

In 2012 I endured an unexpected surgical error and medical nightmare which almost cost me my life. What helped me to endure this unimaginable adversity was my years of ultrarunning. Click here to read Come What May; I Want to Run: How Ultrarunning Saved my Life. You can also read about my experience and what the scholarly research says about the role of faith, spirituality, and scripture in patient healing and resiliency in my peer-reviewed article published in the International Journal for Human Caring. Click on the PDF icon.

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Ultrarunning, writing, and hiking are very big in my life.  I hope that my website will inspire you to consider taking on the grueling but rewarding life that is the ultrarunner life. I hope my website will help you to overcome any obstacle you may be facing in your life.

I live a strong spiritual and Christian life. My relationship with God is important. I know that my ultrarunning is not possible without God. Ultrarunning is my time with God. Along with God, I would not be able to have an ultrarunning life without my family.  


I share my experiences with and my insights on ultrarunning. My website showcases the stories of my ultrarunning experiences - the good, the bad, and the ugly - in the form of photo essays and commentary.

Another important part of my life is writing.


Click on the Writing Life link and learn how my life has shaped my writing. The Blog link will take you to my writings about ultrarunning, book reviews, my interviews with elite runners, the spirituality of ultrarunning, running tips, as well as my Paleo diet, and much more. The Publications link will take you to my academic publications including a textbook.


I love the outdoors and nature. My husband and I love our national parks. The National Parks link will take you to our hiking adventures in 18 of America's beautiful national parks, so far! I really want to be a park ranger!

Ultarunning, writing, blogging, and hiking are all very similar. All require discipline, patience, perseverance, and pacing. And so does life!

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