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NJ 100 Mile Trail Ultra - March 28, 2014 - Augusta, NJ

It was a very snow-filled 2014 winter. But I logged my miles on the thread mill to train for the the pretty flat NJ100 mile trail ultra in March 22, 2014. Because of the snow that fell in January, February, and March, runners were able to switch from the 100 miler to the 50 miler. So I switched from the the 100 to the 50 miler. But then on February, 28 I slipped on ice while shoveling our driveway. There was no way I could continue training and run 50 miles with a broken arm. I contacted the race director with my x-rays to alert him of my break and to see if he could find it in his heart to refund the almost $250 registration fee, which would normally get me about 3 ultras. He said no. So I showed up to collect my swag and to complete one loop - after all, my legs were in tact!

I proceeded slowly, steadily, and carefully on lots of of hard snow and ice, and wet, muddy and slippery trails.

I completed one 10 mile loop in 4:05:23 and didn't fall, thanks to my trusty hiking pole. I was happy. I disciplined my  body and mind for 10 miles. I prayed the Rosary along the way in the spirit of the Lenten season! I got my outrageously priced swag - a technical shirt and a fleece jacket! The highlight of my adventure on this great day - on a giant chair in a store on the way home. Because this area had gotten 53 inches of snow so far, everything in the store was 53% off!  

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