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Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug 50 Mile - April 24, 2016 - New Preston, CT

After the Montour 24-hour ultra, my painful plantar fasciitis persisted. I got a pair of Birkenstocks. My podiatrist prescribed an air boot. That didn't help. Next, he prescribed crutches with the boot. That didn't help. I rolled my right heel on a frozen water bottle and on a golf ball while watching TV and in the mornings after getting up. Sometime in November a friend recommended I see a doctor he had seen for his shoulder. He is a chiropractor. His clients include major league players and athletes. He suggested I walk barefoot at home, a couple of appointments to manipulate my foot, and physical therapy twice a week. I learned to stand properly, with my feet pigeon toe. After a month I saw a huge improvement and started training again. My heel was back and I began training for a shorter distance - a not so flat 50 miler. You can read about my plantar fasciitis here.

I registered for the Lake Waramaug 50 miler. You can also register for the 50K or the 100K. It takes place around a 7.6 mile loop around a beautiful lake. The course is not completely flat but I enjoyed it on a cold and windy April day in Connecticut, my home state.

Here I am at mile 20 in 3:46:14. I was so happy to see the cows mooing for me at every loop. It meant the clock was just around the corner!

I danced my way to the finish in 11:14:18 - a 50 miler PR! I shaved off 18 minutes and 2 sec. from my previous personal 50 miler best - the 2006 Old Dominion 50 miler. There were only 3 women in the 50 miler. I would have come in 3rd had a young 20-something female runner in her 20s not switch from the 100K to the 50 miler when she completed 50 miles. The race directors and the volunteers were so wonderful.

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