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Acadia 2015

Soon after I ran the Montour 24 hour ultra again but this time with painful plantar fasciitis, we drove 12 hours to Bar Harbor, ME and checked into our cottage at Bay Meadow. Then we headed to Acadia National Park and the visitor center to pick up my junior ranger activity book. Acadia is an island; a coastal national park with minimal elevation and lots of ocean. We spent the week hiking, rock climbing, completing junior ranger scavenger hunts, relaxing on the beach, and a day trip to Camden.

Our Bay Meadow cottage was cute on the outside but super cramped on the inside. Showering was a real struggle.

Hiking up Cadillac with the hiking sticks we found was not strenuous at all -

only 1500 ft up

Atop Cadillac Mtn a graceful raven spreads

its wings and freely flies

Came across a lighthouse and puffins while

whale watching

Navigating an uphill boulder trail to the base of South Bubble 

My first rock climbing experience was awesome

Jon's first rock climbing experience, too 

Happy to pledge I will continue to protect the parks, wildlife, and learn about nature

Enjoyed Sand Beach and the beautiful

ocean on our last day at Acadia

The pecking of a beautiful woodpecker in the silence of the trail up to

Cadillac Mountain

A finback whale comes up for air during our

time on boat

We went rock climbing with our guide Zach from Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School

Strapping  on the harness

Selfie atop the South Bubble about 100 ft overlooking Jordan Lake

My plantar fasciitis is killing me but I'm determined to finish this 2 mile scavenger hunt to complete my junior ranger activity book and earn my patch

Happy with my new junior ranger patch

to sew on to my fleece

Good bye beautiful Bar Harbor

Hope you've been inspired to visit and hike in Acadia. To plan your trip, visit

Acadia National Park website. Happy Trails!

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