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Gettysburg 2017

The day before my run in the Sole Challenge 24 hour ultra in Fayetteville, PA, we spent the afternoon at Gettysburg National Military Park. It was a good way to relax the day before for the race, visit our 18th national park, learn a little history, and window shop in the town of Gettysburg. I had no time to participate in a junior ranger program so I bought a patch.

Soldiers' National Cemetery

Lincoln Speech Memorial

Hallowed Ground

Battlefield cannons

Selfie at the High Water Mark on

Cemetery Ridge

Draft of the Gettysburg Address

The Pennsylvania Monument

Bought a patch to sew on to my fleece

Hope you've been inspired to visit and hike Gettysburg. Find out how to  plan your trip at Gettysburg National Military Park website. Happy Historical Trails!

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