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Highlights from My Podcast Interviews About My Book Come What May, I Want to Run

Updated: Jun 24

Ultrarunning, Overcoming Adversities, and Resiliency

Photo by Sebastian Sebastian Pandelache on Unsplah

My debut memoir Come What May, I Want to Run: A Memoir of the Saving Grace of Ultrarunning in Overwhelming Times was published in May 2023 by Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Writing my book was an arduous but fulfilling journey. Like the grueling sport of ultrarunning, writing my memoir required endurance, persistence, pacing, and patience.

Being invited on podcasts to speak about my ultrarunning life and my book has been a wonderful experience. The interviews have been great opportunities to talk about my running and writing life, and to promote my book.

Martha Runs the World Podcast

Martha Hughes, host of Martha Runs the World Podcast, invited me to be a guest again. In 2019, we talked about ultrarunning and my debilitating B12 deficiency journey, and how I was finally properly diagnosed and treated. Here's the entire interview.

This summer, we talked about my book. She told her listeners:

“I read it. I love it. It’s an incredible read about her time running and what she went through over the last few years. It’s a great read. It’s an emotional read. I know you will want to read it…You are so incredibly open and honest about your life…I don’t want to give a whole lot away, but the trauma you went through with your hysterectomy is so horrifying. I’m really sorry you had to suffer through that. Oh, my goodness. There are some moments in your book…. I was just crying through it for you.”

I shared that my memoir is not just my story. It’s a story that many people can relate to. A memoir is not a place to complain or to rant, but a way to express events in your life that other people have experienced or can identify with. My journey is your journey.

The Runner’s Resource Podcast

Michael Nielsen, host of The Runner’s Resource Podcast, interviewed me about my running, tips for new runners, why running is my go-to activity to help lift me during difficult times in my life, my favorite ultramarathon distances and races, and more. He also asked me, “Why did you want to write your memoir to share your journey? Here's the entire interview.

I shared with him and his listeners that my book is a story of survival, healing, personal growth, and transformation. It’s an inspiring and uplifting story of my unrelenting faith, family, perseverance, positivity, hope, resiliency, and the power of ultrarunning.

In my book, I weave my ultrarunning life and races through challenges and adversities that might resonate with readers. And readers don’t need to be runners to appreciate and recognize the universal themes in my book. Patients, doctors, nurses, teachers, academics, cancer patients, and cancer caregivers will benefit from Come What May, I Want to Run.

I also provided tips for anyone thinking about running their first ultramarathon. The goal is to finish so, train well, run your own race, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t start off fast, make sure your shoe size is 1 to 1 1/2 size bigger, stay hydrated, apply Destin, zinc oxide, or RunGoo to parts of the body that chafe, enjoy the ride, keep smiling, and remember that finishing is winning.

The Rise Resolute Podcast

I was happy to be a guest again on the Rise Resolute Podcast. Host Gina Meyer, DPT, interviewed me a few years ago on the topic of ultrarunning, resiliency, and my faith in overcoming adversities. Here's the entire interview.

This time we talked about events in my life that have taken me to where I am today and that propelled me to write my memoir — my life-threatening surgical nightmare, workplace mistreatment, my inability to run and walk normally due to severe B12 deficiency, my husband’s stage IV cancer diagnosis, and my life as a cancer caregiver. In keeping with the podcast’s theme this year — boldness — Gina expressed that,

“Writing the book was bold. I think the title of your book is beautiful and illustrates that for you ultrarunning is a saving grace in the hardest of times.”

We talked about many other topics, including faith, family, courage, and suffering. If someone were to ask me,

“Miriam, what is your superpower, I would say suffering. Suffering creates endurance, and endurance creates resiliency and so I welcome all of it.”

I shared with her listeners that having a positive mindset is important in overwhelming times. There are silver linings throughout the obstacles before us. It’s okay to be afraid when faced with new challenges, good and bad, but what is important is how we handle that fear.

There are situations we can’t control, but we can control how we respond and handle the situations in life and in ultrarunning. There is strength to be found in every struggle. It’s good to see the glass half-full, but I see the glass overflowing with hope.

Listeners and Readers

I shared with the podcasters and their listeners and readers that Come What May, I Want Run: A Memoir of the Saving Grace of Ultrarunning in Overwhelming Times is a story that I hope will resonate with readers who are enduring adversities or have overcome them. I want to give people hope. We can overcome whatever challenges and obstacles are placed before us.

My book comes with tears, humor, an abundance of faith, personal transformation, joy, and overflows with hope and positivity, in sickness and in health.

If you are interested in my memoir, read excerpts, editorial praise and reader reviews, listen to the podcast interviews, and order your copy of Come What May, I Want to Run: A Memoir of the Saving Grace of Ultrarunning in Overwhelming Times. You can order the book exclusively from the Wipf and Stock Publishers website, use code ultrarunning40, and receive a 40% discount. Offer expires 9/3/24. You can also order It on Amazon, Bookshop, or Barnes & Noble. It's available in hardcover, paperback, e-book, and Kindle.

If you are a podcaster and would like to interview me, please message me or contact me on my website.



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