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Sequoia & Kings Canyon 2014

After several days of strenuous hiking in Yosemite, we drove 2.5 hours and headed for a full day of less strenuous hiking in Sequoia and then Kings Canyon. Along the way we met some young  fellow hikers who our picture but only under two conditions.

On the Rocky Climb Trail

Only 350 steps to Moro Rock

Wherever you stand on Moro Rock, the views are spectacular

The clouds do not hide the beauty of the mountain landscape

Some of the world's greatest trees are in Kings Canyon

First, we had to kiss!

A spectacular view from atop Moro Rock

What goes up must come down! Hiking on the edge!

In Kings Canyon, ten miles from Sequoia

A group selfie with this young group of hiker friends on the Park Ridge Trail. They agreed to take our picture under two conditions.

Then we had to make a funny face. They got a kick when we told them it was our

29th wedding anniversary!

Hope you've been inspired to visit and hike Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Find out how to plan your visit at the

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks website. Happy Trails!

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