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Arches 2010

After we left Grand Canyon and Arizona, we drove through Utah. We came across Wilson's Arch off the highway. We noticed a couple of cars parked on the shoulder and people scaling the sandstone up to Wilson's Arch in their sandals, sneakers, and flip-flops. We did the same. It was very slippery but it was well worth crawling our way to the top. Wilson's Arch wasn't on our itinerary and neither was Arches national park. We had a five hour drive to Colorado but we pulled over and enjoyed a leisurely hike on a super hot and sunny day and enjoyed the amazing buttes and arches.

A history of Wilson's Arch greets you by the side of the highway

Sebastian rests lower left of the South Window while Jon takes a picture on his flip phone.

These buttes look like the Three Wisemen

The last of the amazing buttes as

we leave Arches

After scaling our way up, we enjoyed the great panoramic view of southern Moab

from atop Wilson's Arch.

While hikers in the background attempt their climb up to Double Arches, Jon and I pose in front of them

I see Queen Nefretiti,

On our way to Colorado along the scenic Colorado River

Hope you've been inspired to visit and hike in Arches. Find out how to plan your trip

on the Arches National Park website. Happy Trails!

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