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Grand Canyon 2010

On our way to a family get-together in Frisco, Co, we spent three days in on the South Rim of Grand Canyon. This was our first visit to a national park. My jaw dropped as I stood - me but a single spec on Earth - before the majesty that is the Grand Canyon. There are no words to describe the magnificent Grand Canyon. Pictures do not it no justice. Like God, the Grand Canyon is beyond comprehension. It's been said that non-believers fall to their knees in awe and amazement, and are transformed.

Our motel. The toilet overflowed the first night. But not too far from the Grand Canyon.

Staying hydrated on the 3 mile South Kaibab Trail down to Skeleton Point.

Heading down to Skeleton Point for a view of the Colorado River. 

The end of our 6 mile hike! I am still queen of the trail. Sebastian and Jon followed.

A 20 mile bike ride with the most

majestic backdrop

The elk are very friendly and like to pose for pictures.

Can you see the helicopter on lower left? 

Before selfies became the rage! A fellow hiker captures us on film 1 1/2 miles rom the start headed to Cedar Ridge.

The Colorado River is green. It's flowing in the center of the picture.

I was shocked and sadden to see a warning at the entrance of the trail. Grand Canyon is beautiful but the trails are challenging. Always be prepared with plenty of hydration and food.

Time to refuel with peanut butter banana

on wheat

Poor mules! If you don't want to hike, you can rent a mule but you can't weigh more than 200 pounds.

Hope you've been inspired to visit and hike Grand Canyon. Find out how to plan your trip on the Grand Canyon website. Happy Trails!

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