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Tussey Mountain Back - Sept 22, 2007 - Boalsburg, PA

So happy with my performance at the Old Dominion 50 in May, I signed up for the September 2007 Tussey Mountainback 50 on a course similar to the Old Dominion course. I was also impressed that this ultra, which takes place in Boalsburg State Park outside Penn State University, is host to the USA 50 mile ultra championship. The morning of the race was not too hot and the sunrise was beautiful. This event was the first event I participated in that also included relay teams.

It was a good race for me. I was even a little ahead of my time at Old Dominion at each of the four aid stations where I met my crew and got hydrated and fed;  the first at mile 12.2, followed by mile 20.6, then mile 34 and the final aid station at mile 42. But getting to mile 42 was a struggle. Mile 34 to mile 42 was all uphill. By now I was tired. It was hot.

As I got closer to the finish, I could hear voices and see the Tussey Mountainback finish banner. For a brief moment, I forgot I had to relieve myself in more ways than one and just dashed to the finish and my family. The race guy ripped a tag from my bib and announced I had finished in 11:42:49 and placed a finisher’s metal around my neck. Though I was a bit disappointed I did not  best my Old Dominion time of 11:32:11, I sure was happy to see my family. Jonna was pumped her badass mom had crossed the finish. I was happy a porta-potty was waiting for me near the finish banner.

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