A Race for the Ages Multi-day Ultra

         August 28 - September 2, 2019  Manchester, TN

While planning our trip to Congaree National Park in South Carolina and Mammoth Cave National Park in Tennessee, I searched online for an ultra event in the vicinity and I found the A Race for the Ages in Manchester, TN.

An interesting concept - a multi-day race for folks of a certain age called geezers and where participants have as many hours as their age to run as many miles as they want, achieve a new goal, or set a personal best. And I was excited that this was an event created by ultrarunning legend Lazarus Lake, creator of the ultra that "eats its young" - The Barkley Marathon. I have only watched this wild documentary only a million times.

Anyway, so at age 60 I was happy to that A Race for the Ages would be my first multi-day race and have 60 hours to log the miles. The oldest runner was 87 so the clock started at 87. The race would end at the end of 87 hours. Different ages started at different times.

Myself and four other runners our run with 60 hours left on the clock beginning at midnight - Friday into 12 am Saturday.

This is the story of my time on a one mile jagged concrete asphalt course under the scorching sun with no shade, except for my umbrella hat.

My complete race report is published in Ultrarunning World. Report starts on page 54.  

All photos ©Miriam Diaz-Gilbert