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Like Everglades, Biscayne National Park is mostly water so not a lot of long, trails to hike. It wasn't easy to earn my junior ranger patch. Earning my junior ranger patched involved lots of of driving from Everglades to Biscayne, back to Everglades, and finally to Big Cypress National Preserve. I wasn't leaving without my patch. But it was a quiet time in the parks and this afforded me educational conversations with the park rangers.

Playing with a turtle shell in

the visitor center

The first step to getting my junior ranger patch - being sworn in by the ranger at Biscayne national park

The only bird and crane we saw! They may have been hiding; they knew Hurricane Irma was on her way

Why do people trash our beautiful

national parks?

After checking my completed junior ranger book, the ranger at Everglades swears me but I still need one more swear in

But there is a patch waiting for me

at Big Cypress 

The end of a path takes you to the

Colonial Bird Protection Area

Disappointed there were no birds to watch but we enjoyed the bright sun, blue sky, and ocean water

It was a quiet on the dock on this day

Head back to Everglades for my final swear in but the ranger has no patch

At Big Cypress Visitor Center with my

hard earned patch!

Hope you've been inspired to visit Biscayne and Big Cypress. To plan your trip, visit the Biscayne National Park website and the Big Cypress National Preserve website.

Happy Trails!

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