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Review of Finish Strong: Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes

Updated: Jan 19

Are you an endurance athlete looking to finish strong?

Endurance sports athletes Richard Boergers and Angelo Gingerelli have finished a slew of Ironmans, marathons, and open-water, cycling, and X-terra events. In their new book, Finish Strong: Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes (Bloomsbury Publishing), Boergers and Gingerelli focus on the benefits of resistance training and how to achieve it.

The goal of Finish Strong is to help endurance athletes enhance their performance, create balance between strength and mobility, build muscle strength, and prevent injuries. And it's never too late to start strength training.

Boergers, a professor of athletic training, and Gingerelli, a strength and conditioning coach, write

"We've heard countless stories of athletes who just didn't know when to start when it comes to strength training, or have been doing it the wrong way...." Finish Strong will help athletes start and do it the right way.

Boergers and Gingerelli point to a poll they conducted to determine why athletes do not engage in mobility and resistance training. Not only do athletes not know how to start; they also say they don't have enough time. Finish Strong will challenge and "empower you to take the next step to either un-tap that hidden performance or get away from the therapy clinic and back in the race...Surely you can find 45 minutes a few times a week to do some strength training."

How to engage in resistance training, movement and mobility, core exercises, and much more is explained in reader-friendly step-by-step detail and with specific exercises for swimmers, cyclists, and runners. Simple illustrations accompany the exercises.

The book also provides practical and athlete appropriate training templates for runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Training templates for the off-season, peak mileage, taper, and the home gym and travel are included. Each chapter also contains how-to guides on movement, doing it right, variations of exercises, and being safe.

I've got a 24-hour track ultramarathon coming up in 2022. I'm going to turn to the runner's base and building templates, and to the chapter with the top 10 exercises for runners in Finish Strong: Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes.

Wether you are an endurance runner, cyclist, or swimmer, let Boergers and Gingerelli help you to build resistance and finish strong at your next endurance event.


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