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My Interviews on 10 Awesome Podcasts: Tune in, Train Well, Race Well, and Stay Resilient.

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I'm honored and humbled by the podcasters who have reached out to me and invited me to be a guest on their podcasts. I share my ordinary ultrarunning life, spirituality, and how I've overcome adversity, stayed strong, and remained resilient.

I offer my experiences on the road called life and all its twists and turns. I share how to maintain positivity and laugh when life throws you a few curveballs. I share my faith, and the importance of discipline, perseverance, patience, and endurance on the course and in life. I share how all my years of ultrarunning saved my life during a medical nightmare I should not have survived.

I talk about why and how I turned my running to running virtual ultra miles for cancer caregivers when Covid struck.

Each podcaster is unique with great questions. With each one it felt like we'd known each other for some time. Each interview was a wonderful experience.

I listen to these podcasts on my runs and walks. I'm always inspired by fellow runners and their experiences on the course and in life.

Tune in to my interviews as well as the other inspiring interviews on your next run/walk, and the run/walk after that.

Tune in, train well, race well. To listen, click on the links. Thank you for listening.

Rise Resolute Podcast Interviewed by Gina Meyer, DPT

Interviewed by Martha Hughes

Interviewed by Santosh Shiva

Interviewed by Stephen Cameron

Interviewed by Ian Corless

Interviewed by Tom Bell

Interviewed by Hilary Spires

Interviewed by Chris Ward

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