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My Running Related Articles on Medium and The Ascent

October 27, 2019

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My Top 10 Ultrarunning YouTube Videos in 2018

January 17, 2019


I’ve been running a long time — 30 years. It began with a 5k road race. Soon I was running 10k runs. Then half-marathons. I couldn’t stop. Naturally, marathons came next. After 10 marathons I tackled my first ultramarathon — the JFK 50 in 2005. My first 50 miler. Fourteen years later, I’m training for my 28th ultramarathon. I’m an ordinary ultrarunning. I love ultrarunning!


I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from running books, websites, documentaries and ultrarunning YouTube videos. At the urging of my son Sebastian (I ran my first half-marathon when he was 6 months old), and with his help (he created my YouTube channel banner), I finally posted my first YouTube video in March 2018 — Ultrarunning & Brisk Walking


With my iPhone and GoPro, and my husband Jon as the videographer, I’ve had fun creating short, informative, and hopefully, inspiring videos. The videos offer tips from how to stay cool with frozen hydration, to running books that inspire and motivate, to running errands during a training run, to how to stay safe and well-lit during night runs. You’ll even see me take a break from running and rock climb my way up a wall instead.


Coming in at ….

#10 — Combining Paleo Bread Baking and Running


#9 — Ten Tips to Keep You Motivated and Running Year Round


#8 — The Ultrarunning DNF (Did Not Finish) is not Failure


#7 — My Chat With Scott Jurek at the AC Vegan Food Festival


#6 — Packing Tips for a 50 Mile Ultra


#5 — The Spiritual Dimension of Ultrarunning


#4 — Immerse Your Feet in Ice Water After an Ultra


#3 — 2018 Burning River 50 Mile Trail Ultra


#2 — B12 Deficiency Symptoms: Don’t Ignore Them


And my #1 video on my YouTube Channel — ULTRAMIRIAM


How I Healed My Plantar Fasciitis and Ran 3 More Ultras


Click, Watch, Subscribe!


Thinking about training for and running your first ultra in 2019? Go ahead! Click, watch some more videos, get motivated and inspired, and subscribe to my channel.


Thank you for watching! Hope you are inspired to lace up your shoes and run any distance. Keep your feet off the ground and keep reaching for the finish line.


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