Scholarly Publications & Presentations

My article, The Ascetic Life of the Ultrarunneris published in the Fall 2018  issue of Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality. You can access the article at any library and at Project Muse. Click here. Or click on PDF.

Before I became a freelance writer, blogger, and independent scholar (NCIS - National Coalition of Independent Scholars), I was published in scholarly journals. I was the director of a writing center and a lecturer of English at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, At the rank of instructor, I was awarded two research grants - a $2,000 university summer research grant and a $15,000 Lindback Research grant, and published a book.


These grants lead to two original research studies published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. "Vocabulary Knowledge of Pharmacy Students Whose First or Best Language is not English" was publish in 2004. "Writing Skills of Advanced of Pharmacy Practice Students Whose First or Best Language is not English"was published in 2005. 

When I'm not running, I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm running.  Sometimes I do both. While teaching college full-time and training for my first 50 mile ultra - the JFK 50 - I wrote a book proposal. In July 2008, after finishing 3 more 50 milers, my book English for Pharmacy Writing and Oral Communication was published. My research and my students were the inspiration for my book. 

I also wrote a peer-review research article - Spirituality, Suffering, Meaning, Resiliency, and Healing: Research Findings and a Patient's Story of Overcoming a Medical Crisis. The article, based on a doctoral paper I wrote on spirituality and healing, was published in the International Journal for Human Caring in 2014. To read my paper, click on the PDF icon.

I have also presented at two conferences on the topic of ultrarunning and spirituality. In 2015 I presented "Values Gained From the Sport of Ultrarunning" at the conference on Values Inquiry: Sport and Values at the Institute for Sport, Spirituality, and Character Development at Neumann University.

In 2016, I presented "The Sport of Ultrarunning, Spirituality, and Inspiration" at the Perspectives on Sport and Inspiration conference also at Neumann University.