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My Top 10 Blog Posts in 2018

Photo credit: Jon Gilbert

Thank you for visiting my website and blog dedicated to ultrarunning. I’m an ordinary ultrarunner and training for my 28th ultramarathon — my 7th 24 hour ultra and my first on a track. An ultramarathon is any distance beyond the standard 26.2 marathon miles. I run 50 mile, 100 mile and 24 hour ultra events.

My website is also dedicated to my writing. I write about topics related to ultrarunning. I interview ordinary and elite ultrarunners. I write reviews of books and memoirs written by ultrarunners and endurance athletes. My website is where you’ll find race recaps with pictures of my ultra events. I write about our adventures in the national parks.

But I also write about other topics such as gardening, Paleo cooking and baking, how to be writer and how to run with arthritis. In 2018 I also wrote about a topic I never imagined — what to do when your spouse gets a cancer diagnosis. But now it's on to my....


Coming in at….

#10 Pamela Chapman Markle: The Ultrarunning Grandma Who’s Breaking Records

#9 Looking for Inspiring Running Books? Here’s a Great Selections!

#8 How to Enjoy the National Parks

#7 10 Summer Running and Endurance Reads

#6 When Your Spouse Gets a Cancer Diagnosis: The Caregiver To-Do List

#5 Reborn on the Run: Review of Ultrarunner Catra Corbett’s Memoir

#4 A Review of Scott and Jenny Jurek’s North: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail

#3 Faster With Age: Pamela Chapman Markle Sets Another Ultra Record

#2 How I Transformed My Dingy Home Office Into a Bright Writing Sanctuary

And Coming in at #1

An Interview with Running Phenom Camille Herron: I Was Born to Run


Now, it’s onto 2019 and another year of running and writing about this, that, and the other! I’m a published author, independent scholar, and freelance writer. Contact me here.

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